Adverse Possession

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It IS allowed.

Not only that, but it is legal - 100% legal

Adverse Possession Law in the UK says that if you possess, over a period of time, in adversity (without permission) any property or land; then you can apply to the land registry to claim title to that land, and , if you are successful in that claim, you will receive the title deeds.

Once you have the title deeds you can do what you like with the property or land, including selling it. You can also use the property during the qualifying period when you demonstrate possession. In fact, according to the law, it may actually be advantageous to do so, as it helps to establish your rights when you come to claim title.

Used wisely and properly, this is a moral and ethically sound way to acquire land and property.

All in all this is a fantastic law at the core of British common law. During the Land Registry reform of 2002, one of the aims was to see whether the law of adverse possession could be annulled. It was decided that it could not - the land registry system could not work without it. It is here to stay.

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